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Monologue: Titletown High
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From "The Tailgate Party" on Sept. 3, 2021: There are few high school football personalities in Georgia more talked-about, and disliked, than ex-Valdosta head coach Rush Propst, whose Wildcat teams of 2020 were showcased in a recent Netflix docu-series, "Titletown High." For all his flaws, what continues to make the oft-disgraced figure such a hot commodity for schools and college prospects? 

Monologue: Sam Pittman and Arkansas
00:00 / 09:24

From "The Tailgate Party" on Oct. 1 2021: How Sam Pittman's revival of the Arkansas Razorbacks, ahead of their top-10 battle between the hedges with Georgia, proves that success in coaching is less about football knowledge and tactical prowess than relationships and team-building. 

Middle Georgia Roundup
00:00 / 18:20

From "The Tailgate Party," on Nov. 18, 2022: A look back at the past week's key plays and players on the show's weekly segment recapping recent high school football results.

Hot List: Nov. 4, 2022
00:00 / 10:24

From "The Tailgate Party" on Nov. 4, 2022: Clay's weekly "Hot List" breaks down key storylines in the area's three biggest high school football matchups. 

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