Monologue: Kryptonite
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From "The Tailgate Party" on Dec. 4, 2020: Why Jefferson County head coach J.B. Arnold always seemed to have Dublin High School's number, and what that means as a former assistant coach for the Irish prepares to lead his own team up against a former rival in the state playoffs. 

Headline segment: George Hagler tribute
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From "The Tailgate Party" on Nov. 6, 2020: Clay remembers the life and career of a beloved local coaching legend after his recent death at the top of the week's show. 

Middle Georgia Roundup
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From "The Tailgate Party," on Nov. 13, 2020: A look back at the past week's key plays and players on the show's weekly segment recapping recent football results. 

Power Rankings
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From "The Tailgate Party," on Sept. 18, 2020: A weekly audience-participation segment introduced this season, "Power Rankings" invites listeners to rank their top three of a certain football-related category.